End of the Year Reflections

Appreciation Post Time!
…Or something.

I’ve written a similar thingy on LTT forums. That’s more achievement-focused. This’ll be more personal.

Will be attaching a copy-pasta of the LTT thingy at the end of this thingy 'cos schoolio blockades are dumbo. :sweat_smile:

Just wanted to say thanks, for letting me be a part of this community.

Struggling to find words to express my feelings, and the best my extensive vocabulary can think of is: “I like it here.”

Way to go, brain. :laughing:

‘Chew leaves a lot of reacts everywhere, because ‘Chew doesn’t hold conversations very well. As in, back-and-forth chit-chatting in which both parties (or perhaps more) are involved in the talk. “Wars of attrition,” I like to call them; a lot of uncoordinated spur-of-the-moment comments, akin to machine-gun spray, motivated by the current topic. There’s no time to examine statements with a closer eye, to reflect on words said, or to revisit topics discussed previously. I am… very not about that sorta thing – being swept up by another’s pace, being directly pressured by another’s presence, being influenced by another’s momentum – because whomever that is responding to the other person’s dialogue, that isn’t a true reflection of me. It’s my auto-pilot being kicked into place.

Not to say that I cannot expressive. I can go off on long TED Talks™ about things I’m passionate about or personal beliefs*, but constructing a wall of text like that takes time. An excessively long amount of time in my case, because every word, every sentence, every paragraph must convey my meaning exactly, and the whole piece must flow in a specific order that satisfies both my OCD and my critical writing senses.

*I’ve not discussed or disclosed personal beliefs/philosophy publicly because, as mentioned before, I don’t do debates. It would be an interesting read, perhaps, but any article meant for public viewing will be subject to critique or opposing schools of thought that… quite frankly, I’m not interested in listening to. If there’s fault in my thinking or if I struggle with my beliefs, I get more satisfaction and meaning if I discover that myself, and if I overcome that myself.

Discord – ours in particular – has been a pleasant compromise between a direct conversation and a static echo chamber. A fun place to chill, laugh, and hurl side-eyes at each other when we question each others’ fetishes. :eyes: A small little space to check in at our own paces and engage with at our own choices. An incredibly, incredibly accepting circle of friends whom I can comfortably and earnestly express myself to.

Me. 'Chew. Not that auto-pilot.

Anyone that knows me IRL would probably be shocked to hear how openly I… revel in er… topics better left for horny jail. The 'Chew in real life conducts herself quite sensibly. Or, tries to. :laughing:

Honestly, it’s never a dull moment in server.

So, erm, yes, thank you. Every one of you.

A fresh new year looms upon the horizon. I sincerely hope that it brings good health and good fortune to each one of us here.

LTT Thingy Copy-Pasta 🍝


Twelve Months Ago

Twelve Months Later
Joined the LTT Forums.
Built The GMMK TKL.
Wrote An Introduction to Custom Mechanical Keyboards.
Built Hoshī.
Received Den-Fi’s GK64 + Qisan Magicforce Numpad.
Purchased Thinkpad T14 (AMD).
Built Eighty #391.

At the start of this year, I was much like the empty table above – I didn’t have much and I didn’t know much. Then, I joined the forums; mostly to humor my passing interest in PC builds, but partly influenced by Linus Tech Tips (YouTube) and PC Building Simulator. Day by day, time passed as I lurked the forums and grew fond of the crowd and content here. ‘Chew’s brain likes to discover new things, and it seemed like I was learning something new every day, or finding some new nonsense to amuse myself with (I say “nonsense” in the most affectionate way possible, of course ). Eventually, that passing interest in PCs unexpectedly evolved into a real interest, and by the time I noticed it, I was halfway through collecting parts for my first PC build. What began as a small pile of parts was then cobbled together into a working system, and the working system underwent a few more performance and aesthetic upgrades.

Somehow, one thing also led to another, and I tripped over and happened to fall head-first down the #KeebWeeb hole. Oops. :joy:

’Chew’s Keebs
Den-Fi’s GK64 + Qisan Magicforce Numpad
Eighty #391
(The GMMK TKL: )

So… Now I have a custom built PC surrounded by three custom keebs, a Topre keeb, and a numpad.

Problem? What problem? The only problem I see is WHY DON’T I HAVE ENOUGH HANDS FOR ALL MY KEEBS.


Materialistic tech-chievements are preeetty poggers. But! If I were to highlight the most memorable part of 2020, it’d be settling into this community – the Linus Tech Tips forums.

Here, this is cheese: :cheese:. Mm, lay that heavy, cringey, cheesy flavor on thick on your tongue and have it melt in your mouth. :rofl:

I’m pretty certain that if it were not for this community, I would not have nearly as much interest into or experience with PC building, keebs, and tech as I do now. Mind you, I still consider myself an amateur when it comes to techy things, but I at least feel a little bit confident serving as informal tech support at work. As far as work-related success stories go, thus far I’ve formatted my Manager’s Ideapad Y650 (Status Update), and I’ve magically fixed a coworker’s PC that wouldn’t POST (er, still unsure what the problem was, all I did was clear CMOS and reseat the RAM ). Probably sounds like smol potatoes to y’all, but they’re memorable achievements for me, especially considering I don’t have any formal college education or work experience in I.T., PC troubleshooting, or such.

Point is, I was able to apply those amateurish tech skills at work, with a modicum of confidence, because I gained that knowledge from being in this community.

…Uh, Boogle also helped, but, uhhh… [Sweeps Boogle under the rug.]

To everyone that’s taught me new things, that’s made me laugh, and that’s touched my heart, thank you. To the ones in another super server, thank you all* especially for being super bad sexy influences (), inspiring role models, and truly wonderful friendos (). And to those reading, thank you in particular, for caring to listen to this rambly rambling and for being a part of this excellent community.

2021’s around the corner, hey? ‘Chew’s not one for wishy-washy resolutions or far-fetched goals, but if I had to:

  • To keep my head and spirits high.
  • To gib and git more good vibes.
  • More pls n’ more thank yous.

‘Chew wishes that y’all enter the new year on a sincerely happy note! Here’s to another excellent and meaningful year! :tada:

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:
Danbo says Hi.


Ah! Yes. These rare glimpses into the laundromat. What’s not to love about them? I find you to be one of the most expressive people I’ve come across. Den being someone who is never impressed or taken by words, the conversations we have that don’t use them are some of the best. I know when I use 1 word—cute—in your direction, you can unpack it and interpret it in the limitless ways I mean it. Anyway, I’m reaching my internal character limit for anything that isn’t an piece lol . 2021 shall be the year everyone learns to use hoodie pockets properly. :ok_hand:


Erm, I’m not very good with words (or, rather, putting my emotions out clearly), but I can’t thank all of you enough for making one of my potentially dullest (among other not-so-nice attributes) for really kind of turning it around into a surprisingly good one. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve worked so much on myself, discover so many new hobbies or things I’m really interested in or just express more of my inner self this much in a looong time.

So yeah, in short, I appreciate y’all. :super:

And extra appreciation to 'chew (:parrotheart:) since I feel like I might’ve just kinda hijacked her wonderful thread here…?


This year I’ve been quite thankful for being welcomed into this community as much as I have been.
In a grander look, 2020 has truly not been my best year, but I feel like it has just been a stepping board into something better for me.

Let’s hope 2021 will be filled with a lot more good vibes :​)


Things that I noticed this past year:

  • Raw, unfiltered human nature was definitely on display in some cases
  • It was definitely a seller’s market
  • A lot of relationships were discovered, changed, and ended
  • It was also the best and worst year for tech. Fast components, bad prices

I have to say, I’m glad it’s a new year :smiley: for me at least…


Like others have previously touched on I’d like to share appreciation for this community. I pretty consistently have one of the smallest content counts and I contribute very little to the community overall. Despite that I have had the pleasure to continue to be invited to these groups and I really enjoy reading everyone’s posts and seeing the updates on people’s lives over the last several years. You people are awesome and I wish you all the best.

I might not say much but I’m always lurking and I appreciate having these comfortable lurking grounds.


words are hard… but thank y’all for being wonderful people and being a very accepting community :3

also, yes schoolio blocky blockades are teh succ