The Extended Zodiac

The Extended Zodiac Personality Test


More Homestuck. Uh, Hiveswap? MS Paint Adventures/MSPA? SAME UNIVERSE, W/E.

If it interests you, try out the test and share your results below? :grin:


Note: Uncertain about the authenticity of the “Extended Zodiac” and “True Signs” (“authentic” as in, established in real world history). A quick Boogle tells me it seems to be derived from Homestuck fiction, not any historically-grounded literature. :thinking:

Caught my eye, 'cos 'Chew oddly likes personality tests? Despite feeling only loosely connected to labels most of the time (TLDR: Detailed descriptions peppered with example scenarios form a more cohesive understanding of a person, rather than an oxymoronic “simple yet ambiguous” short titles). Also, Greek zodiacs/horoscopes interest me hells-a-lots. I don’t put much stock in fate, luck, or fortunes, but I do enjoy mythology, legends, pantheons. Stories, y’know? Stuff like that. :eyes:

I actually take a ridiculous amount of pleasure from my sign (:gemini:) and my double-digit birthdate (22)? Also, May ⇒ 5, which is precisely half (÷ 2) of 10. Parallelism and symmetry and all that, which satisfies my OCD immensely.

Stop stop stop STOP STOP.
They’re just numbers, FFS!!!
I am stopping now.

So... For me:

The Extended Zodiac/“True Sign” popped out “Gempia”? Gemini + Derse Dreamer + Light Aspect.

Gem = Gold Sign | Pia = Derse + Light
Sign of the Perspicacious

Sign Class: Gold

Gold Signs are the reigning geniuses of the sign class spectrum, and chances are they know it. Witty and widely read, they enjoy conversation and debate, even when that conversation gets a little one-sided. They can come off as preachy, and they have a tendency to railroad, just driving into their interlocutors with the force of their intellect. Their arguments make perfect sense to themselves, but not always to those around them. Gold Signs are interested in a wide variety of topics, so they tend to be Jacks-of-all-trade, and can have trouble dedicating themselves to just a single hobby or career. They have a tendency to be high-energy, and can stress people out, including themselves. Their anxiety is such that they often need quite a bit of time alone with their projects. They can talk circles around most people, and they aren’t afraid to use their intelligence to manipulate others to get what they want. They are good at making money, and also good at spending it. They aren’t great financial planners, tending toward impulse purchases. In romance they lean toward partners who can keep up with them, both with their intellect and their energy, which can both be hard to match.

Lunar Sway: Derse

Derse Dreamers have personalities marked by a distinct and restless skepticism. Whatever their waking circumstances, chances are they will live in a state of dissatisfaction. Rebellion is in their blood, manifesting whether they are fighting back against a fascist dictatorship, or the most recent trend in casual footwear. Derse Dreamers are cerebral and self-aware; they have a far better grasp on the landscape of their own minds than on the world around them, which they can find alienating and confusing. But as so much of their identity is built on control, they will do their utmost to hide any insecurities, often with false humility or self-deprecating humor. They may be inflexible and pessimistic, but they are also great problem solvers, facing conflicts head-on with shrewd, calculating minds. They see one true path among an infinite snarl of wrong ones. They tend to be introverted, but if you win their trust Derse Dreamers are extremely powerful allies. However, they find sincere vulnerability difficult and will often keep people at arm’s length. Letting go and living in the moment is hard for a Derse Dreamer; they constantly look toward the future and analyze the past.

Aspect: Light

Those bound to the aspect of Light are the universe’s knowledge-seekers. They are, above all, driven to learn and understand. They are great alchemists, able to take multiple sources of information and synthesize them into something useful. They are scholars and researchers, absolutely dedicated to knowledge for knowledge’s sake. They are the ultimate students, and although that might conjure up the image of people sitting around peacefully waiting for knowledge to be brought to them, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Light-bound will go after knowledge with a fierce intensity that others may find distasteful. They aren’t overly concerned with laws or norms, either. They often take rules as simple suggestions, instead searching for loopholes or work-arounds. At their best, the Light-bound are resourceful and driven. At their worst they can be fussy, pedantic, and insensitive.

Hahaha. Personality test descriptions are cute, as always.
I see more similarities between those descriptions and Rose (refer to “Hommme… Stuck” spoiler below) than with myself, TBH. :grin:

Hommme... Stuck

…One of Homestuck’s OG protag-heroes also a Derse Dreamer and Light Aspect. Rose. :eyes:
(Sagittarius, though. Rather, “Sagipia”.)

[Deep breath.]
Rose is one of my favorites from Homestuck! Along with Kanaya, and Roxy. Also, Jade. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Am I to understand that I’m like a Gemini-version of Rose?
More Rambling: Her Class is Seer, though. I believe (within Homestuck/MPSA lore) a character’s Class affects how they utilize their Aspect’s abilities (“majyyks”), as well as slightly influences their personality…? Dooon’t quote me on that, lol. Including Classes would be super cool, but the Extended Zodiac doesn’t seem to factor them in.


Actually, yes, I am very okay with that. Kinda makes me incredibly happy? :laughing:
I, ah, like her character quite a lot. Like, idolization-admiration levels of like. To the point where I feel very apprehensive drawing direct comparisons between my her traits and mine.

  • Sign Class Colors: Twelve colors, for twelve zodiac signs. Based off Homestuck’s Hemospectrum – a troll’s blood color is tied to their societal caste.
  • Lunar Sway: Prospit Dreamer (Yellow) versus Derse Dreamer (Purple). Based off Homestuck’s Dream Self. Seems similar to Feeler versus Thinker, Intuition versus Rationality, Extrovert versus Introvert (gross oversimplification).
  • Aspects: Twelve elements, tied to the individual’s personality, not to their zodiac signs. Based off Homestuck’s Aspects. In Homestuck, Aspects have actively special abilities (“Magic”), as well as more symbolic meanings (e.g. Space ≈ Continuity, Light ≈ Fortuituous Outcomes, Blood ≈ Personal Conviction, Doom ≈ Sacrifice).
  • Suffixes: Each Sign Class has a “True” variant, which has an associated Lunar Sway and Aspect (e.g. True Virgo = Prospit + Space, True Scorpio = Prospit + Light). Suffixes for an individual’s Extended Zodiac Sign are taken from the second half of a Sign Class’s name, and based off specific combinations of Lunar Sways + Aspects. If the individual’s Lunar Sway is the opposite to that for the “True” Sign Class, the suffix is modified slightly.
    – “Pia” Suffix (e.g. Sagipia, Gempia): Pia = Derse + Light. | Scorpio = Propsit + Light. | Scorpia = Derse + Light.
    – “Go” Suffix (e.g. Sagigo): Go = Prospit + Space. | Virgo = Prospit + Space.

M’kay. Needed some closure after stumbling upon the Post-Epilogue Homestuck stuff (angsty thoughts here) and needed something to redirect all that pent-up energy towards so… This happened. :sweat_smile:

…Might check out Hiveswap. Thankfully that euphoric wave I felt after watching the canon Epilogue + Credits hasn’t left yet. :thinking: